The Core Team

Representation team and Project Management

Over the years Permoda specializes in project management to give brands with style, products and commercial offices the necessary support in developing the product with proposals of materials, accessories and techniques of printing and embroidery suitable for different types of processing.


Claudia Casonato

Claudia Casonato trains as model maker at the Istituti Callegari in Treviso and immediately begins to collaborate with several clothing brands, gaining experience in product offices and the production of finished garments.


Filippo Serafin

Filippo Serafin, grad student in Digital Fashion Management specializing in Marketing and Distribution in the fashion industry. He assists Monica during meetings, site visits and digital transition.

Yes! Digital is needed

The Team Work

The extended team with our partners

We’ve always invested on travels and staying in production sites with our partners abroad, so we could transfer the know-how and quality systems, thus optimizing productivity.

The W.Design Team, with which Permoda works in close partnership, consists of about 30 professionals entirely devoted to the clients in the constant pursuit of quality materials and products.




Here we come

The established partnership with suppliers in China, from 2020 extends to Portugal, operating as commercial and technical contact.

Show Room

Where you can research

The showroom based in San Donà di Piave contains the archive of the most important garments produced in the last seasons, in addition to a selection of technical fabrics and materials.

Here, the Italian client is assisted in the research and development stage of the garment, from the collection briefing to the models, materials and accessories to define it.

30 years of experience

30 years of know-how allow us to find and follow all the process steps in order to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.